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Lombardi Guitarworks: Home

The Lombardi guitar has been described by some as a “montage of tonal colors” and “a labor of love and art.” 

I craft simple designs using non-endangered woods to produce a guitar that is attentive to the most critical areas of guitar construction: bracing and fretwork.

The guitar you see displayed below was recently built by my first guitar making student, and business partner, Vince Sauter.  I was amazed at the outcome, but not by his abilities.

With a great desire to build his own acoustic guitar, Vince began the journey.  I taught him the principles of guitar making, and with some experience building Ukuleles, not to mention being a retired Mechanical Engineer, Vince built a beautiful “Prima” style guitar.  

The “Prima” style was developed by my teacher, Frank Finocchio, whom I regard as the finest teacher of guitar making. 

I invite you to look at the guitars I’ve built, read the testimonials by the guitarists who own them, and then play one.  I believe you will hear a sound that is full and sweet…and inspiring.

~Don Lombardi