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Lombardi Guitarworks: Links

Finocchio Guitarworks

Frank Finocchio is a Luthier (guitarmaker) of the highest caliber.  He is also the finest Teacher of guitar making I've ever known.  I didn’t know what my hands were capable of doing until he taught me how to build guitars; and though I went to his shop for that very reason, I left with so much more.  Take one of his classes and you'll come away with more than just guitar building know how.


Mandolin Brothers Music

Mandolin Brothers is one of the largest and most respected new and vintage instrument shops in the world!  Sadly, Stan Jay, the man who has probably forgotten more about guitars than most of us will ever know, passed away in mid October 2014.  His sense of humor, great prices, and fair dealing kept this place going for over 40 years.  Though Stan won't be greeting you at the door, feel free to stop in and play some of the finest instruments ever made, and maybe you'll even take one home with you.


The Guitar Doctor

I met Mike Haney when I began my journey of guitar making with Frank Finocchio.  As a builder, he has created some really sweet guitars, and without exaggeration, his repair work is "top shelf."  He rewired a Fender Mexican Telecaster for me that was average sounding at best; Mike turned it into a "rocking monster" at a very reasonable price.  This is a guy you can trust to repair your favorite guitar, and have come back to you sounding and playing better than the day you bought it.


Jamon Zeiler Fine Crafted Guitars

I met Jamon Zeiler in 1989 when I was living in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York.  While some of us were thinking about building guitars, Jamon was already building them.  Taught woodworking by his father, Jamon had his beginnings as a carpenter, then a cabinet maker, eventually building high end furniture.  A seven-week seminar to learn string instrument building and repair, prompted Jamon to attend the Southeast Technical program in Red Wing, MN.  In the time since graduating from the program fifteen (15) years ago, Jamon has built over one-hundred (100) guitars.