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Lombardi Guitarworks: Testimonials

Don Lombardi created a beautiful guitar for me; easy to play, great tone whether I'm finger picking or strumming, and it looks incredible.  I've used it both on the road and in the studio, and it's light enough to carry around wherever I go.  I'm blown away by the attention to detail and couldn't be happier with it!"

~ Ari Hest

I feel so very fortunate to own the most beautiful and distinctive Lombardi guitar. I play the hell out of it, gigging constantly in all settings, indoors and out, and it still sounds and looks dreamy.  He carefully built my little lady using Italian Alpine Spruce for the top, and the most beautiful East Indian Rosewood for the back and sides.  People ask me what kind of guitar I play because they're not familiar with the "L" logo.  I proudly respond that it's one-of-a-kind, custom made with care and love by a very talented guitar builder and friend...Don Lombardi.

~ Joan Nerlino-Caddell

The Lombardi guitar is truly a work of love and art. Don built me a beautiful dreadnaught in the classic style of a Martin D-18, with a very large sound hole and a beautiful Italian flag inlay on the 3rd fret, and the sound is full and sweet.  Tony Rice would steal this guitar from me if I ever let him play it.  When I got the guitar, one of the first things I did was write a song on it.  When an instrument calls you to express your muse, it is more than a piece of wood; it has become a part of your soul.

~ Guy Michetti

I feel quite special owning the only Lombardi Acoustic Bass in the world!!!  Every time I use it on one of our gigs, someone comes up to me afterward and remarks on how great the bass guitar sounds and looks; and when I let them try it, they always give me a Wow!   My Lombardi bass is the only one I've tried that sounds great even if it's not plugged in; the Martin Acoustic Bass doesn’t do that for me.

~ Scott Caddell

Some say it’s the Jewel of the first Lombardi series with a Cedar Top and a neck like a classical guitar.  Like all of Don’s guitars, it is built with the player’s style and personality in mind.  My guitar, aka #4 was given the personal touch with one of my favorite icons; a dragonfly inlayed on the 3rd Fret.

~ Nicole Giacomino-Azzarelli

My guitar truly represents the player who owns it.  It is the only Lombardi cutaway acoustic of the series.  This work of art was using Adirondack Spruce for the top, and Black Walnut for the back and sides was made for an electric lead player in mind, but it doesn’t stop there.  It can stand up to any dreadnaught for fullness and projection, not to mention tone.  My guitar, aka 007 proudly displays my lifelong nickname inlayed on the 3rd Fret.

~ Sal “The Duke” Azzarelli

I have been playing my custom handmade Lombardi Auditorium guitar since 2009.  From the first time I strummed it, I fell in love with its crisp, clear, balanced sound.  Not only is it fun to play, but lovely to see.  From the beautiful aged Sitka Spruce top, to the Mahogany back and sides, I get  lots of comments every time I take it out.  This Lombardi guitar got the personal touch with the medical "caduceus" inlayed on the 3rd fret.  I own many guitars, but the Lombardi is my "go to" guitar.  It is seldom in the case, and it makes me sound like a better musician.  This guitar was designed for my hands and playing style.  It not only sounds full and clear,  it is loud, as well; I believe we were made for each other.

~ Jim "Indell" Indelicato

My guitar is lovely! It has soft action and good crisp tone; the wide neck is great for my short stubby  fingers, and it sounds like a dream when I’m finger picking in open G.   I love the finish with the rounded edges and dark wood tones; it reminds me of the guitar in a famous Robert Johnson photo…if only I could play like that.  All in all, the guitar is well made with great tone whether it is plugged in or unplugged.  I am always asked " where did you get that from; what make is it?"  I just smile and say it was made by my cousin Don Lombardi.

~ Joe Lombardi